Why I Love Wedding Photography

And Why I'm Taking A Hiatus From It

This past week I was asked two very important questions about my business. If you've been following along on the blog for a while you know that I've been back and forth struggling to write blog posts and not posting too many sessions. The questions I was asked directly correlate with why that is. The two questions were these: "What made you love wedding photography over any other photography industry?" and "Why are you taking a hiatus if you love it so much?". I've decided to share my answers to those questions on the blog because I don't want those lovely folks who do read my blog (thanks y'all!) to be kept in the dark as to what the changes are going to be around here. 

So let me answer the first question. "What made you love wedding photography over any other photography industry? " Every time I look through a folder on my computer, an old photo album from when I was little in California, or scroll through the photos in my phone, I'm reminded of why I love photography so much. Simply put, it's capturing life. Photography gives us the ability to look back on our lives and relive those moments with our family and friends over and over again. One of the biggest days in our lives is when we decide we're going to share it with someone else for the rest of our life. A wedding isn't just a day for the couple to celebrate but for the family and friends too. Some have big weddings with expensive details and others have small ones with no details. No matter the style or decor of the wedding, the love between the couple is always the same. So why do I love wedding photography? I love it because it's a timeless gift I can give to a bride and groom celebrating their new life with their family and friends. As I get older, I realize everyday that life is passes us by way too fast. Having a couple open up their wedding album 10 years and 3 children down the road, and be able to relive those moments is priceless.

Having said that, the next question would be ,"Why would you be taking a hiatus from it if you love it so much?". Let me just say this. Photographing weddings is not cheap and being a small business owner takes a lot of time, focus, organization, and knowledge to be successful. I'm taking a hiatus from photographing weddings because I don't have the means to run a business right now. So I'm taking this time to learn and grow so that when the time comes I'll be ready to take on those dreams without hesitation. Really, this hiatus is a blessing in disguise. So for those of you who follow along, thank you! I'll still continue to blog and try and keep it photography friendly but I also want to take this time to write about my life and connect with others who aren't just into photography. I have so many other interests including music (I LOVE MUSIC!), travel, being tech savvy, reading, business, website design, home decor, sports, and a lot more. This hiatus is giving me the freedom to explore, write about those things, and connect with a whole other audience! In one year I want to be able to look back and see how much I've grown and launch a business not only that I love but also where I can serve to the amazing couples in the North Carolina region and beyond.  So don't fell bad for me, be happy for me! And get excited about the future with me! 

If you've been in this same boat I'd love to hear from you. Being a young small business owner is hard work and takes determination. Share your story in the comments section or just words of encouragement! Thanks for following! :)

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