Why An Engagement Session?

When I write my Tips for Brides posts their usually under Wedding Wednesday but I thought this was a good follow up post from Fridays post, which if you missed you can read here! I wanted to share the importance of an engagement session today because I've talked to quite a few people about this topic, from brides to newly engaged couples to singles, so I wanted to share my WHY right here on the blog! I feel like the reason photographers get questioned about so many things that we think are normal for us to do or have in our wedding experience or packages, is because we haven't educated our brides and grooms about WHY we do them and and how it's not just beneficial for us but for them as well. Engagement sessions are one of those things. Some couples care about engagement sessions and some couples could care less or not even know what it is. I've been asked about why it's a non-negotiable piece of my package, what if the couple isn't interested in them, etc. SO I'm going to dig in to all of these things right now!

First of all, to answer the question of "Should we get engagement photos?" the answer is YES!! YES, you should ABSOLUTELY get engagement photos! Why? Because it's vital to your wedding experience! Let me break it down in three reasons.

1. You get to know you're photographer and we get to know you. Whether I meet my couples in person or just chat via email, my one chance at getting to know them better is through their engagement session. So basically, it gives us a chance to get to know each other! An engagement session is not only for the couple, it's for the photographer too. The people who read my blog get a chance to know me because I write about my life along with photography and business. However, I don't get that luxury for them. I can talk about my shooting style, settings and how I get the pretty shots but it's totally different when you're in front of the camera seeing me work in action. This brings me to my next point.

2. Becoming comfortable in front of the camera. This is your time to become comfortable in front of the camera. I'll tell you from personal experience, I don't LOVE being in front of the camera. If there isn't someone coaching me through a pose, I usually feel awkward and it's not fun. Your engagement session takes care of this! This is your time to relax, practice and have fun in front of my camera with no time crunches or pressures from the wedding day! All of my couples have been ordinary people who had no experience in front of a professional camera. That's ok!! That's why I'm there to lead you, coach you, and make you feel comfortable. Posing does not come naturally so if I introduced a pose called "the cover girl laugh" on the wedding day, my brides would have no idea what I'm talking about. This is why an engagement session is so much fun! I can introduce poses that will come up again during the wedding and by that time they'll be pros at it! :)

3. Documenting this season of your life. An engagement session is documenting the season of your life before you get married! I know this sounds obvious but I don't think too many people think about it. If you're investing to document your wedding day, you want to document the it from beginning to end. There are a lot of photographers out there who shoot proposals so not only will you have your proposal documented but your engagement and wedding! Engagement photos can be used as portraits around the house, christmas cards, screen savers, so many things! And when is the next time you get the chance to hire a photographer for JUST photos of the two of you? Unlesss it's an anniversary, it usually doesnt happen. So take advantage of this opportunity to utilize your photos in a way that is special to you and your family!

Not everyone is going to want an engagement session but it's so worth it! An engagement session is included in The Wedding Experience because I feel that it's incredibly vital to having the best experience possible, it's beneficial for both the photographer and couple, AND it's fun!

I hope these help those of you who are on the fence about engagement photos! I love getting to know my couples through them and they really are a lot of fun to shoot. Another fun thing to do is to make it a date night! After the session grab some ice cream and take a nice walk or head to your favorite restaurant! Why not,  you'll already be dressed :)