Weekend Wrap-Up

A Relaxing Weekend & Apartment Decor Ideas

Happy Tuesday friends! Anyone else feel like this weekend was longer than average? I'm working on a project with my friend Teal and she invited me to stay at her house so we could get some last minute work done. Maybe it's because we were working for so long or maybe it's just me. Either way, I'm glad it felt like that because the weather was beyond beautiful on Saturday and Sunday. I think it was probably the most relaxing (and productive) weekend I've had in a while. Teal has such a cute patio so we really got to enjoy the weather and work productively. Because, you know, you work better in pretty environments :)

When I left Sunday morning I started thinking about how I'd like to decorate my own patio space. Right now I live on the first floor and in front of the railing outside is a hedge of bushes where birds, bees, and wasps like to frolic all day long. So thanks to that little situation, I rarely even go out there. The good news is that I'm moving in August and I won't be on the first floor so I'll be able to actually enjoy and decorate that space. I can't wait! One of my goals for my next apartment is to learn how to decorate on a budget.

There are two rules in most apartments. One is that you're allowed to paint your walls but you have to paint them back to the original color when you move out and the other rule is if you put any holes in the wall, you have to fill them back in. Depending on how long you stay in your apartment, painting may be a good idea for you but personally, I don't like painting and I'm not very good at it. As for the holes, I've found that command hooks work just fine :) 

When I was searching the other day for an alternative to paint, I found a company called Chasing Papers and guess what they make...removable wallpaper! I've never used wallpaper and it was never in our house growing up so I'm interested to see how well it works. I'm not going to go crazy with it but I think using it on a few walls would make the space more homey (homy?) and give it a personal touch. I'm thinking a backsplash for the kitchen, an accent wall, and maybe a space in the bathroom. I'll have to see how the apartment will be laid out and then make my final decisions but I think it'll be much better than painting. Their motto is "Peel, Stick, Love."..let's hope that's true! You can see some examples below. 

It's a little on the pricey side (not that I know how much real wallpaper costs) but now that I know that removable wallpaper exists maybe I'll be able to find a more affordable version. Or I'll just suck it up and paint. One way or another I will have art on my walls whether it's stripes, a design or a solid color. Say it with me...No more bare walls! 

If you have an apartment hack or great company like Chasing Paper you'd like to share, tell me in the comments below! I'm always looking for new ways to spruce up my place without breaking the bank so all suggestions are welcome! 

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