Weekend Wrap Up

My Parents Are Here! 

This weekend really started on Wednesday with anticipation of my parents finally moving here to Raleigh. They've been planning this move for over two years and the day had finally come! Not only was it moving day for them but Thursday was my dad's 52nd birthday. How did they celebrate? Well, they would have spent it driving all day but thanks to my mom, the day ended up being just a little bit sweeter. She arranged a beautiful morning fruit platter as well as an amazing lunch from their hotel, all for FREE! 

Needless to say, my family is happy they're here and so are my parents. It's been a LONG time since making the decision to move down south but the time is finally here. They arrived a little after midnight on Thursday. Friday was spent sleeping, detaching my dad's car, and telling movers where to put all of the boxes. We spent about an hour with my nephew at Skyzone and he was so excited to see them. He's been asking about there move periodically for the last couple of months and he's so happy they're here now. 

Saturday was uneventful, unless you consider unpacking eventful. Most people would probably be trying to tackle unpacking first thing in the morning but we're doing the total opposite this time around. Now that my parents are staying, we're not in a rush to just get all of the boxes empty. We can actually take time to go through them and see what we need to keep and what should have been in the garbage way back in New Jersey. It'll take some time but we're fine with that. We're finally able to enjoy our family being in the same state. All for the exception of my brother Jack and his wife Yelinee. Since they just got married they probably won't be moving any time soon, if ever. We'll be doing a lot of visits to New Jersey in the coming years and vice versa but hopefully we can get them to move eventually! :)

Sunday was spent napping, unpacking, and then napping some more. So another uneventful day, but like I said, we're ok with that. I'm just glad my parents can finally settle into their new home and be closer to family. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend friends! Feel free to share all about it in the comments below!