Weekend Wrap Up

Charlotte Hornets, Working On Monthly Goals, and Relaxation

Happy Monday! Believe it or not I'm excited for this week. Mondays are usually the day everyone dreads because of work, school, etc. But I think the 60 plus degree weather is helping me out this week! Since it is Monday I thought I'd share a short weekend wrap up with you all! On friday I attended the Hornets vs. Pacers game at Time Warner Cable Arena and it was awesome. I love going to sporting events, whether its football, baseball, basketball, you name it - I'll probably want to go. The tickets were from my job so I had a great view from the Met Life suite!

Saturday was my lazy day and all I did was nap. I don't know when the last time I took a nap was but this one was glorious! Sunday was much more productive and I started working on my monthly goals! I went to the gym early in the afternoon and I worked on my pricing guide (I can't wait to share a sneak peak this week!) all while getting all of my laundry done and cleaning the rest of my apartment. Sometimes I feel like just having my kitchen and bathroom clean is my most proud accomplishment haha. All in all it was just a nice weekend. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary. I'm looking forward to the gorgeous weather in Charlotte this week and keeping up my blogging!

Have a great Monday, friends!

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