Weekend Wrap-Up: Birthday Edition

Happy Birthday Jihad, Happy Birthday Grandma!


This weekend was my oldest brother's 36th birthday and my grandmother's 68th! Friday we celebrated Jihad with tacos (from the best taco truck in town), cake and ice cream. Fun fact, I make a cake for every birthday in my immediate family. It's almost always yellow or confetti with chocolate icing or if it's for my mom I may do carrot with buttercream :) On Saturday he headed out to DC for a sightseeing trip with my nephew's mentor group so my parents and I headed to Charlotte to surprise my grandmother for her birthday! Let me say, you'll probably notice that I'll write about these "surprise" trips to Charlotte to see my grandmother a lot. My mom loves to do this and the funny thing is, it gets my grandmother every time!! 

Sometimes I dread the ride to Charlotte from Raleigh but in reality it's really not that bad of a trip. It's 3 hours (2.5 depending on who's driving :)) and it's a nice weekend getaway. Every time I leave I remember why making the trip is worth it. Is my family perfect? No, but who's is? I don't know about you but when we get together we can always find a way to have a good time with each other. They are a primary reason I moved down south so seeing them every chance we get is awesome.

Saturday we hung out at my grandmother's house and as always, ended up at my aunt's house for dinner. Sunday was spent relaxing in the morning and then celebrating at a little seafood restaurant in town and then heading back to my aunt's house for cake and ice cream. Have you ever had Metropolitan ice cream? I didn't even know it existed until we cut the cake! I'm not a huge cake or ice cream person but I still think it's cool they make it :)

Since Jihad couldn't make this trip, here's one of my favorite photos of him from last summer - just hanging in the pool with my nephew and a few from this weekend with my grandma :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


My grandmother has a VERY green thumb so flowers are always a fitting gift for her. I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the flowers my mom bought my grandmother but my aunt Cookie bought these and I loved them so, naturally, I had to take a few snaps :)


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