Weekend Wrap-Up

A Quick Trip to Raleigh

My parents have had there house on the market for what seems like forever. They put it up for sale in the fall of 2014 and it just sold two weeks ago. This is a huge weight off of their shoulders so of course I'm really happy for them! They won't be moving for another year or so but they decided to move some of what was in storage to their apartment in Raleigh. Since they needed help, it was my nephew's birthday, and I wanted to see my brother I decided to take a quick train ride up there. I don't get to see my brother and nephew often so when an opportunity like this comes up I make sure I take it. 

Moving is no joke. I've been working out off and on since the beginning of the year but it's not at all working like I thought it was. Let me just say... moving boxes up and down stairs will tell you just how out of shape you are haha. It's ok though. Exercise will just be one of the goals I have to keep up with every month. All in all I'm glad I got to spend some time with my family and celebrate with my nephew for his birthday. I hope to be taking many more trips to Raleigh in the near future to see them, and who knows, maybe I'll even end up moving out there one day! Enjoy your monday folks, and smile! It's a beautiful day :)

P.S. Of course I have to give a big birthday shout out to my nephew who turned 11 years old on Friday! Love you buddy!!


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