Wedding Wednesday | Lavender Winter Wedding Inspiration

I think I'm going to really start to like Wedding Wednesday. Maybe in my future I'll be a wedding planner because I've been really loving putting these ideas together on my Pinterest boards! This week I wanted to bring in some purple. It's been one of my favorite colors since I was little and I think it would be perfect for a winter wedding! And don't worry I'll only do a few more winter posts and then we can warm up with the pretty Spring Inspirations.

Lavender is SO pretty. It's not too dark and not too light and can accent with other colors. I've seen a lot of brides do a light gray and lavender which could fit winter perfectly! The florals below are some of my favorite - white peonies in the winter can be GORGEOUS and adding just a few accents and shades of the lavender can spruce it up to be just as beautiful as the bride herself. Smaller details always add more to the day. Whether it's actual lavender as a drink accent or favors for your guest to take home, they can add such a great emphasis to the day. The photos will flow much better together and so your album will flow better together! Speaking of albums, I got my first sample album in the mail a few weeks ago and I can't wait to show it to you guys, it's BEAUTIFUL! Anywho, I hope this little but of inspiration helped if your planning a lavender wedding for next year! Be sure to check out the full Pinterest board here. Happy Thanksgiving Eve!