Wedding Wednesday | Winter Cranberry Wedding Inspiration

I need to blog more. I know this, and yet it's the hardest thing for me. It's not that I don't like blogging but sometimes it's just not the easiest. So,  last week I decided I would at least do ONE post a week. That post will be on Wednesdays and will be called none other than Wedding Wednesdays!! Haha, I know, so original, but I love it and I hope you guys will love it too! The idea is to write about anything at all that is wedding related. Whether it's tips for the bride and groom or even wedding color inspiration! This week I'm starting with wedding colors. It's not quite winter here yet (even though 27 degrees last night could have fooled me) and even though wedding season is almost over, a little inspiration for a bride who is looking for a winter wedding next year doesn't hurt. Plus, making inspiration boards on Pinterest is so much fun!

Winter can be a few different colors. Hunter green, a soft blue or even a darker royal blue! One color that I LOVE (it may be safe to say it's probably my favorite) is a very pretty cranberry/burgundy color. I say cranberry/burgundy because the colors are close enough together but still far enough apart that it makes a beautiful color palette for details on a wedding day! Accenting the cranberry with pinks, reds and whites would make a gorgeous winter wedding that any photographer would swoon over! So if you're thinking of a winter wedding but not quite sure how to go about having a not so Christmas wedding, cranberry is a great place to start. It's elegant, bold, romantic and fun! I don't think you can top those qualities. You're photographer will love you for it! I'll be posting a new board every time I do a Wedding Wednesday post like this. SO, if you loved this little bit of inspiration be sure follow me on Pinterest here for more boards and be sure to leave a comment in the box below so I can find what's inspiring you! :)