Wedding Wednesday | Premier Wedding Albums

It's Wedding Wednesday again! Today I wanted to talk about my Premier Wedding Albums! I call them Premier because they are the bride and groom's FIRST family heirloom. As of the wedding they are a family and what better way to start off a family but with their first family album! I believe that wedding albums are a sure fire way of keeping your images safe from changing technology. Just a few years ago, many photographers were still using CD's. Many have switched to a USB but now a lot of people have upgraded their computers to just laptops. If their anything like me, they now have a Mac, which has no CD drive. So tell me, how are they suppose to see their images?

Photographs were always meant to be printed. It started as film and has evolved with technology. Printing your images and printing them in albums where the images can tell a story is amazing. So, a few weeks ago I received my first sample album. I knew it would be beautiful and I was right, it was! I encourage all of my brides and grooms to buy an album. Is it a pricey investment? Yes. But saving and protecting your photos in a beautiful album that you can share with your grandchildren some day is worth it. The album is made of top grain leather with the images printed directly onto the page. The binding allows the album to lay completely flat when turning pages too! All of my albums come with black case, imprinted photo on the cover, the name of the bride and groom on the cover, and the name of the bride and groom on the side. The colors are GORGEOUS for leather and I can't wait to get my next one so I can show you an example. I opted for this nice brown color for the first one and didn't get the photo imprint or side names only because I need a variety of sample albums. So you all will have to use a little imagination today :) Enjoy some pictures! And because it's so hard to take a decent picture of a book (who knew?) I've included a few of my favorite spreads at the end.