The Pricing Guide

The New & Improved Pricing Guide Sneak Peek!

Happy Wednesday friends! I'm so excited to be sharing this post today because I can finally give you all a sneak peek of my new and improved pricing guide! This is the first item on my "From Inquiry to Delivery" list and I'll officially be able to scratch it off once I get my new head shots in the spring. Lists help me map out what I need to get done and I feel a little bit more accomplished when I can scratch something off of it. My "From Inquiry to Delivery" list isn't very long but it's definitely helping me get my process together.  Not only do I get to scratch it off of that list but also my March goals list! Win, win!

The Pricing Guide is magazine style PDF and is the first thing I deliver when a bride inquires about my services. It includes all of my pricing including albums, my process and philosophy for their wedding experience, FAQ's, and a sweet thank you note. In a way it's their first impression of me as well as my business. Completing this little project was a lot of fun and really easy because I used the amazing KJ template for InDesign. I didn't have to change much and added my own flare to a few of the pages. My old pricing guide was pretty straight forward so I decided to take a new approach and put in a fun, personalized "welcome" and "about me" spread as the first thing they see after the title page. I really want to connect with my couples and the only way to do that is for them to be able to connect with me! 

My hope is that this micro change will have macro results and lead to more inquiries and responses from those inquiries.  Not every bride who inquires is going to care about the personal touches put into this guide but I know that those who do are the ones I will LOVE working with! Those same brides will be ever MORE excited for the next thing on my list which is The Bridal Guide!! The new and improved version of that won't be coming out for a while but I'll be sure to post a sneak peek of that too! If you're a photographer and are looking to present your pricing in a way that is not only professional but also will create a connection between you and your couples, I highly recommend designing a pricing guide.

If you've already made one I'd love for you to share how it has worked for you in the comments below!

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