The Nifty Fifty


When I first started in photography I didn't really have a clue what type of lenses I wanted to use. I had been use to using black and white film for class and my professors never stressed the difference your lens could make. After I started following a few wedding photographers I couldn't understand how they're couples seemed to really pop off of the backgrounds. I knew about depth of field but my images never looked like that. I stumbled upon the answer one day and have never looked back!

Prime lenses! Prime lenses have a fixed focal length. This allows me to open up the aperture as wide as possible without compromising my focal length. I love them and today I'm talking about one of my favorite lenses, the nifty fifty! I'm a Nikon shooter so I have the Nikkor 50mm f1.4G lens. This was the first prime lens I bought back in 2015 and it has never failed me. I photographed 90% of my very first wedding with it and was blown away by the portraits I got. I highly recommend it for beginners! I generally will photograph my couples between 2.0-2.8 and with details I can widen the aperture to 1.4.

One thing to remember not to get caught up with is the BRAND of equipment you use. Nikon, Canon, SONY... they're all great brands. When you photograph manually like I do YOU control all of the settings. The types of lenses you choose to shoot with are a huge part of creating a specific style of photography. There's nothing wrong with using JUST zoom lenses! Using prime lenses is just my preference because it fits my style of photography. It not only keeps my couples from blending in with their backgrounds, they are also sharp, AND letting more light in means brighter images :) Below are a few examples of portraits using my nifty fifty. P.S... I have my eye on the Sigma Art because I hear it's even sharper! 


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