The Groom's Guide


Yesterday I asked newly engaged brides if they had any questions that I could write a post about that would help them as they pursue planning for their big day. Well, while I was brainstorming I thought that this post for grooms might be a good place to start. More often than not, the wedding day turns into the BRIDE'S day and the groom doesn't get too much attention. I think there is a stigma that grooms don't really want to be involved in the process and yes, sometimes that's true. But it's not all the time. This brings me to The Groom's Guide by The Black Tux

The Black Tux is a company that grooms use to rent modern tuxes and suits. They've set the bar pretty high in the industry and I love that they're taking it one step further than being just a rental company. They created what's called The Groom's Guide! This guide basically what every bridal magazine does for women..but for men. It's a planning guide, style guide, groomsmen guide, best practices to have the best wedding day possible guide. If you're a groom who knows he doesn't want to totally sit on the sidelines during the planning process then this guide is for you. Is it the end all, be all for grooms? No. But it helps a great deal because unlike brides who have SO MANY resources to help guide them, grooms get the short end of the stick.

I would encourage grooms to read this guide but don't stop there! In order to make your entire wedding experience a great one, you and your fiancΓ©e have to work together. Read blogs together, talk about details together, and choose your vendors TOGETHER! Wedding planning can be fun and it's an experience that you'll likely never have again so enjoy this time with your fiancΓ©e. She is excited and will be even MORE excited if you're on board and involved with more parts of the day. As a wedding photographer I can tell you that choosing the right vendors is key to having your planning process run smoothly. Great vendors take the time and love getting to know their couples on a little bit of a deeper level so that they can make sure they are doing everything that they can to make the big day feel like all of the couple's time and efforts through the engagement season was all worth it. And it will be!! 

Below are the two freebie quick guides you can also find on The Black Tux! Comment below to let me know if this was helpful and I'll continue to brainstorm other resources for grooms! :)

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