The Big Move | North Carolina Here I Come!

Many of you don't know that I've been wanting to move out of New Jersey for years. I'm originally from California so moving from a place that virtually have no seasons to a place that has every season and what seems to be the longest winters was never fun. I've enjoyed my time here and of course I'd be nothing without the friends I've made but it's time for a change. That being said, I have some BIG news..

I'm moving to North Carolina!!

Charlotte to be exact! And I am BEYOND excited!! I'm not the only one who's moving either. My parents are waiting for their house to sell so that they can move to Raleigh and be closer to my nephew. The rest of my family (aunts, grandma, etc.) all live in Charlotte. My aunt has been trying to recruit for about 8 years now and I'm finally giving in haha! I only get to see my extended family once or twice a year and usually only for a week at a time. For family, that's just not enough time. I look forward to being with them again and hopefully my parents can get down there soon too. Having my family in one place would be great but Raleigh is only a three hour drive so visiting won't be too bad. 

Phew.. It's a really big step for me but I'm so ready for this move. I'll always be a Cali girl at heart but I'm excited to experience the sweet southern charm of the Carolinas :) I'll be traveling down this week to visit and settle living arrangements so I'll be a little busy. But if there are any photographers in or around Charlotte shoot me an email and maybe we can grab some coffee!..Make that tea. :)