The Apartment Chronicles | Summer Patio Decor Inspiratioin

I've been in my new place apartment for about a month now and am finally getting completely settled. So, over the next few months I want to start decorating and making it feel more like my home. One of the things that I love most about this place is the balcony. I couldn't use my patio at my last place because there were always wasps or bees flying everywhere so I'm excited that I have one I can actually use now! It's the perfect size for a small set and I've been looking all over the internet for ideas on how to make it cozy. Here's what I love best and will probably do!  

1. Get whicker furniture. I would really like to get a bench, chair, and bistro table. If the bench doesn't it I'll just get two chairs. Whicker furniture is durable in all seasons, simple to clean, and the pillows and cushions are easily  interchangeable.

2. Get string lighting. Who doesn't love string lighting?! Every time I sit under a restaurant patio with string lighting I just feel like I'm in Paris haha! It's easy to put up and will give the space a really cute and classy look :) 

3.Outdoor mat/rug. I'll be sticking to a neutral color for this because I want to be able to change the throw pillows occasionally and still have everything look cohesive. 

4. Accent pieces. Like I said, the throw pillows will probably change per season so the seat cushions will probably also be a neutral beige color so that the ONLY thing that needs to be changed will be the pillows. No need spending extra money on multiple seat cushions if you don't have to!

It looks great in this collage (ignore the teal seat cushion, that's a no go) so I'm hoping it'll look even better in person! There's a great store here in Charlotte called At Home and they have great prices on most of these pieces so I'll be likely getting a lot of it from there. None the less, once I have it all put together in the next few months I'll post it here on the blog!

If you've decorated your patio recently I'd love to hear what you did! Be sure and share in the comments below :)