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Engagement Books

Last week I spoke about my Premier Wedding Albums and I'm so happy everyone loved it! I can't wait to print another one! So today, I'm going to be sharing another my engagement books with you. I got this idea from Katelyn James - Katelyn, you think of everything.. and loved it it. I went to a wedding once where the couple blew up one of their favorite engagement photos to a 20x24 and left a white border around the image. I thought it was a great idea for people to sign around the border and give their best wishes to the new bride and groom.

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Wedding Wednesday | Premier Wedding Albums

It's Wedding Wednesday again! Today I wanted to talk about my Premier Wedding Albums! I call them Premier because they are the bride and groom's FIRST family heirloom. As of the wedding they are a family and what better way to start off a family but with their first family album! I believe that wedding albums are a sure fire way of keeping your images safe from changing technology.

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