Spring Is In The Air


It may not feel like it to most people in the northeast, but guess what. It's almost Spring! It's officially daylight savings time which means more sunshine, fresh air, flowers blooming, and new beginnings. I love Spring for that very reason, new beginnings. 

Last week one of my favorite photographers, Natalie Franke, wrote a blog post about overcoming comparison in a creative industry. If you're a small business owner, photographer, or in any type of creative industry and you haven't read it yet, stop reading this post and go read that one. I cannot tell you how much it applies to so many of us out there, myself being number one on the list. Too many times have I compared myself to so many other photographers in the industry. "They have better branding, they've shot so many more weddings" Whatever my excuse was, it was a pathetic comparison of what one person had and what I didn't. Natalie, so very sweetly, reminded me though that:

"Her prosperity does not make me inferior. And I choose to cheer her on because community rises over competition."

Instead of comparing myself to so many other photographers, I need to take a step back and really think about what I want my business to be and represent. So I'm ready to spring ahead to this new beginning and get started. I've finally come to the realization that I can't keep comparing myself to others in this industry. It will (and is) only destroying my confidence and giving me a reason to self doubt. Well, enough self doubt. It's time to roll up my sleeves and myself what I can do. Will it take some time? Yes. But I have a lot of big dreams, ideas, and aspirations for this business that I'm ready to start getting real about. I'm excited for new content, a new life in a new city, and a new beginning to this small business journey of mine :). 

A big part of the wedding industry is about community and building one that creatives like myself can be helped and not be looked down upon because of what I have or don't have. They seek to praise and lift up the newer generations and help build their businesses because they believe that loving and serving is the key to making a strong community. Time and time again this community has given me a reason to keep pursuing wedding photography and has helped me grow more than I ever imagined. I know theres more to come and I can't wait to see what the future holds..

To new beginnings! xoxo