Spotify Christmas Playlist

If you're not sure what Spotify is, you need to google it right now and download it. It is the best thing, musically, that has happened to the internet. Seriously. I listen to music all day at work and while I'm home editing and pretty much doing anything else on my computer. Since the tree in the city was lit on Wednesday, I figure it's officially acceptable to share that I have been listening to Christmas music since November 1st. I couldn't help myself! I'm not the girl who waits until December to listen to Christmas music, I just can't. SO, in honor of the official tree lighting in New York, I'm sharing my Spotify Christmas playlist with you guys! I hope you guys like it. It's no Lite FM with Delilah (who we all know we love and you can't deny it) but it's still great music. Of all the Christmas albums I've heard, I have to say Yolanda Adams and Michael Buble take the cake. Yolanda can blow and Michael is of course the modern Frank Sinatra. You guys can listen to the playlist here: Christmas. Enjoy it during your weekend travels and early holiday festivities over the weekend, I know I will! Cheers!