Sizing Your Images For Facebook

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I'm sharing how I size my images to get them to look as clear and crisp on Facebook than they are on my blog. I've heard plenty of photographers complain about how their photos aren't as crisp on Facebook as the the originals. I've gone through this problem myself so I know just how frustrating it can be! Well, here are my solutions for this problem for two platforms that I use, BlogStomp and Photoshop! 

First off is BlogStomp. I've talked about this program before but I'll be doing an updated post on it soon so stay tuned for that! If you're new to the blog or have just never heard of BlogStomp before, you are going to wish you had it a long time ago. It has completely changed the efficiency of  how quickly I can stitch together my images and blog them. It's not only great for my blog but great for Facebook as well. You'll see in the screenshot below that the styles bar at the bottom of the screen is already set to my "Facebook 2048" size because that's not only the size I use for blogging my images but it's also the dimensions a photo on Facebook needs to be to be crisp and clear.  Now, a 2048px image will not work for everyone's blog but because I use Squarespace as my blogging platform I'm able to change the width dimensions of the main blog post area to fit well with my photos. 

Here's a screenshot directly from Facebook after I've stomped the image to 2048px. Crisp and clear! :)

Blogging and posting images to Facebook are really the only two things I use BlogStomp for. If I need to make a cover photo for Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, I use Photoshop and create the dimensions from scratch. The dimensions for your Facebook cover photo is 851 x 315px. It's easy creating a graphic from scratch but can be a bit complicated if you're trying to use an actual photo. If you're cropping an image for a cover photo, in order for the photo to be clear you should crop the image to the dimensions of 851 x 315. This won't crop the image to that exact dimension, it will crop it to a larger fraction of that dimension.

Here's a screenshot directly from Facebook after I created the graphic in Photoshop. Cover photos are never perfectly clear but if you click on the image it's just as crisp and clear as your stomped images :)

I hope this post helped those of you who have been having trouble with your images on Facebook! It's hard enough with the algorithm changing and keeping us from reaching the audiences we want but when we do reach them we want them to see our images in the best way possible! If anyone has any suggestions, questions or even an extra tip for sizing images for social media leave it in the comments below!!

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