Southern Wedding Inspiration

Rustic & Elegant Style

What do you think of when you think of a southern wedding? For me, it's two different types. The rustic style and the modern style. Today I'm talking about the rustic style! Now the rustic style that I like has an elegant charm to it. I'm talking barns with white drapery and barrels with over sized bouquets. Don't you love those?! Since wedding season is right around the corner (for some it's already here!) I thought I'd share a quick pretty post of my favorite Pinterest boards. A rustic yet elegant southern wedding! Like the board shows, this style would typically feature a a large barn as the reception venue, lots of fun details, traditional southern elements, and spring/summer colors. Capturing the charm of the south is so exciting to me. Even though I haven't explored this region like I've wanted to just yet, I'm sure that when I do it won't disappoint. And if I get to shoot a wedding with all of the elements below, I'll be over the moon! If you want to see more of the board you can follow me here. Happy Wednesday!

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