Printing Your Wedding & Engagement Photos


The other day I was looking at the very first sample album I ever had printed. It was from Chris and Vanessa's wedding which was also the first wedding I ever photographed. I remember being so excited when I got it printed because I couldn't wait to see the images in an actual book. When I received it in the mail, I don't think I could get the box open fast enough! As soon as I saw it I knew I was going to be offering it to all of my future JA brides and grooms. It was a beautiful leather cover with Chris and Vanessa's name embossed on the front along with the date of their wedding. Not long after that I started to print engagement books and was equally excited about having those printed!

The reason I bring up albums is because today I want to talk about prints. We live in a world that is dominated by technology. It's easy to just let our images sit in a virtual cloud and not have to worry about anything. However, there's something about printed images that just brings the wedding day, ANY day really, to life again. Digital photography is one of the greatest technological advancements on earth. Without it we wouldn't know what happens around the world every day. Now that we have it, we're forgetting to use photography the way it was used when it was first invented. I know that there is still a desire to have physical photographs so if you've been itching to get some printed, Mpix is one of my favorite companies that do just that! They are used by professional photographers everyday and I've always received the highest quality prints from them. Not only that but if you are or become a JA bride you receive an online gallery that allows you to print directly from that portal! I love this feature in my online galleries because it makes it that much easier for my couples to order prints! I love the image above of John and Jessica on their wedding day, it's one of my all time favorites! It looks even better in a frame! Friends, future JA couples, and anyone else out there, I hope you'll print some images soon. I know that when I look at old photo albums I become so nostalgic and I love that feeling. Happy Monday and happy printing! :)

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