PASS | My Online Sharing Gallery

Hello to the late afternoon crowd! I don't usually blog this late but I got completely side tracked last night while I was writing this, so here we are! This post is for brides and photographers. I should really say COUPLES and photographers. I think I've mentioned PASS before but never to an extent, so today I'm doing just that! 

I haven't been in the industry long enough that I would have had to use CD's or USB drives to deliver images to my clients. When I first started, I kept hearing about PASS and how easy it was to share images with it. I loved the idea and because I had never used any other method of delivery, I jumped on the opportunity. I LOVED it. It was the best looking thing I had seen and it made my images look great! It has made delivering images so easy and efficient and my clients love it! Not only do I use PASS for weddings and engagements but I can also integrate them into my PLUS sites! I'll explain those in a separate post, but they are custom websites that I build for all of my couples. It's serves as a central hub for all of their images from the engagement and wedding! But again, I'll do a post on that another time - sometime soon :)

See that picture? THAT is PASS! I loved John and Jessica's 'Before We Say I Do' session so I used it to show you guys what it would look like on a few platforms. So let me explain a little how PASS works. It's an online sharing gallery that was created by the lovely folks at Showit - love them and made my website with them! Basically, you can upload a your client's entire wedding and they have instant access to facebook sharing, high res images to download and a gorgeous gallery built just for them! Being the photographer, my perks of the gallery are awesome too! My favorite is having mobile access to all of my high res files. Ya, like FROM MY PHONE. Crazy right?! The app for PASS is free and can be used on ipads, iphones and even androids. So basically all of my clients can have their entire wedding at  their fingertips whenever they want and can share their images whenever they want!

Actually, since I started using PASS they've done some pretty big updates including print pricing and a FREE gallery for galleries that are under 100 images. The only down side I have ever had with PASS is that every event over 100 images is $29. This can add up pretty quickly if you have a fully booked year of weddings but I think it's worth it. Your clients don't have any hassle with downloading their images and can print immediately from a great quality printing lab! No hassle for me, no hassle for them.

So if you're a photographer looking for an easy way to end your CD packaging days, PASS is a great way to go. You'll love the look, the simplicity and your clients will love it too! There are other galleries out there as well so try your hand at which one best fits you and your business. I love that the world is constantly advancing the technology we use so that we can best serve the people who make our business what it is. I hope we can keep moving forward! Have a good afternoon!