THE New Website!

It's Friday! Most people would be happy because they don't work tomorrow Saturdays, but I do. So really today is Thursday and tomorrow is my Friday and Sunday and Monday are my Saturday and Sunday and Tuesday is Monday. Confused yet? Ya, I am a little bit too just writing it.. Anyway, I AM excited today is Friday because I can finally share my new website with you all! I've been wanting to change my website for a while now. I loved the last one but it definitely needed a face lift. I've seen a lot of websites, some that work and some that don''t, and the ones that worked were always personal and really introduced the subject and/or person it was about. I wanted it to be just like that. I wanted it to represent ME. My style of photography, me as a person, and the type of brides and grooms I love to shoot. If I could say three words about my work I'd say that it is fun, romantic, and classic. I wanted my website to represent those three words and I think I accomplished it pretty well! Never mind that I stayed up until 2am for five days straight trying to get it done, it's up and you can view it here! : I also finally added a link to that site above, right here on the blog. I realize not everyone who will see the website will read the blog and vice versa so there's a simple button for that now :) I love the new site and I hope you guys love it too! Happy Friday ya'll!!..Well you know, Thursday for me :)