My Love/Hate Relationship With Winter

We had a high of 70 degrees in New Jersey yesterday. That is so unheard of in November it's not even funny. Last week it was in the 30s and below. Usually by now it would have snowed at least twice and most of the trees would be bare. Not the case though this year. A lot of trees still have beautiful fall leaves on them and it hasn't snowed once here in Bloomfield. I have to say, I'm not complaining at all. All of my friends will tell you that I can't STAND being cold. I won't even leave the house without two pairs of thermals on and a Northface fleece under my coat. Ya. I don't play games. I know it sounds a little extreme but if I can prevent even an inkling of cold from touching my skin, I will do it. When we moved to New Jersey from California I was nine and a half, experienced snow twice, and had no idea how cold it got in New Jersey. Fast forward 12 years and I'm STILL not use to the cold. I really do believe my body is just made for perfect California weather. Being cold and the amount of snow we can get is the hate part of my relationship with winter.

Now, my love for winter is because of the atmosphere. If you've ever been to New York around the holidays you know there's nothing like it. From Thanksgiving through New Years, New York is hands down my favorite place to be. It's MAGICAL! Rockefeller Center is one of the prettiest locations because the tree and rink are there! The hustle and bustle of the city has never bothered me, I love it! During the holidays New York is even more crowded but it just adds to what I love about it :) The city itself is beautiful. From the elaborate window displays to the garland on the lamp posts - there's nothing like it! I know I said I hate being cold but I am dying to shoot a winter engagement session in the city (hint, hint, brides! :)..Even though I would love to go back and live in California, I think I would come back to New York for the holidays if I could. I'll hopefully be able to make it over there in  a few weeks and show you guys a few pics! Until then, enjoy these three pictures of my nephew who will be here TOMORROW! Yay!! I'm so excited! I miss him so much and I'm so happy and thankful he's going to be able to spend Thanksgiving with us and maybe Christmas too!