A Mini Trip to Washington DC

My first time going to DC was for a class trip to the Holocaust Museum. If you haven't gone, you really should. I took a class on the subject in high school and it was humbling and eye opening. This time around was just a quick trip that my brother and I decided to take after coming from John and Jessica's wedding in Virginia. Jack has never been to DC and has always wanted to see some of the national monuments. Who wouldn't?! They're awesome! You could spend a week in DC and still not be able to see everything there is because of all of the history that every monument represents. So we decided to see a few of the main ones! The White House, duh, the National Monument, National Mall, and the Lincoln Memorial. The Jefferson Memorial wasn't too far but it was FREEZING when we went and all Jack had was a wind breaker jacket, jeans, and not thermals. I had my coat but no gloves and I was still pretty achy from the wedding. Day afters are rough!

After seeing the monuments we were starving. I mean we were hungry when we got there, but you know that feeling you get when it feels like your stomach is starting to eat itself from the inside? Ya, it felt just like THAT, at least for me. Being tourists we had no idea where to eat so Jack just googled places that Obama eats at, haha. We found a place called Founding Farmers and I remember my co worker talking about how awesome it was when she went with her daughter (hey Vicki and Ali! :) so naturally we settled on that one. They did not lie. It. Was. Awesome. We both just ordered burgers but they were delicious!! Jack got a side order of sweet potato with glazed pecans that I will be trying to make come Thanksgiving. Get ready for that failure post, haha! All in all I recommend Founding Farmers to anyone if you're traveling in the DC area and are looking for a nice bite to eat! DC is beautiful in general and has so much rich history. Next time I HAVE to go to the Library of Congress. I've been wanting to go since I watched National Treasure! I know, I know, its fake and I'm  a nerd but I'm also a bit of a history buff! I'd love to shoot a wedding or engagement there someday too :)  So all of you DC couples, be on the look out for my next trip to your city! For now, enjoy some pictures our trip and some instagrams of our amazing burgers! :)

This is what terrible selfies taken on professional cameras look like...