May Adventures


I’m not sure how it happened but May ended up being a real whirlwind of a month. Some things were planned while others weren’t but that’s part of the fun right?! As I get older, I’m realizing it’s harder and harder to connect with friends.. sometimes family too. Everyone works, has a family, multiple schedules, etc., so there’s not much room for spontaneity. Because of that, anytime a spontaneous/random trip happens, it’s always fun because you don’t know what adventure awaits you :) This is exactly what happened in May. I was able to spend time with family and friends that live near and far that I haven’t seen in quite a while.

It all started with a phone call from my cousin Jennifer who was planning a trip to Raleigh to see her friend Gloria graduate from college. I haven’t seen Jenn in months so we knew we had to get together and it would be easiest if she just stayed with me for the weekend. It was a fairly quick trip but it was so fun to see her and spend time together. Neither of us have really explored the Triangle like we’ve wanted to and since Jenn is vegan, we decided venture out to Durham to try a vegan soul food restaurant called Souly Vegan Cafe. I’m not vegan but I have to admit the food was really good! After our meal, we headed over to Duke Gardens to see what they have in bloom this year. It’s totally different from last year! If you saw my post from my first trip out there you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. This year’s arrangements are beautiful but I’m a sucker for tulips so last year’s arrangements are still better in my book :) This was Jenn’s first time at Duke and she loved it!


I also went to a concert this month! A Johnnyswim concert to be exact. I’ve been listening to this group for a few years and I love them. They performed at RedHat with Need To Breathe last summer but tickets sold out quick so I knew that this year I had to get my ticket as soon as I saw dates drop for Raleigh. Just like their new album, they did not disappoint. They sound exactly the same as every track and of course they performed songs off of the Diamonds album and everyone went crazy :) I’d happily see them again any day!


Two days after the concert I went on a volunteering trip with my office to clean up Big Lake via canoe at Umstead State Park. I’d never been canoeing before but I love the water so I was pretty excited to try to it. Turns out I love it! Ok maybe LOVE, but I did have a really good time. Granted, there really wasn’t much trash to pick up - which of course is a good thing, it’s means the park is clean. I believe we had 4 or 5 canoes total and each team found 5-10 pieces of trash. Again, not much but we did try and I think we all had a great time doing it :).


My friend Rochelle also came to visit for a long weekend. We met working together when I lived in Charlotte and we’ve kept the most in touch since I’ve moved. Our 3-day weekend seemed a lot longer than it was but it was a lot of fun! We kicked Friday off with lunch at Taziki’s - if you haven’t been here, you need to try it! I’m very picky when it comes to food so for me to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, trust me it’s GOOD. After lunch we headed over to Lafayette village for a few hours to see all the cute shops, taste some good chocolate, and smell/taste some amazing spices.

The next morning we decided to check out the State Farmer’s Market. I’d only ever been once, last summer, when there were peaches galore. This time it was full of strawberries! Some of the sweetest I’ve ever had I might add. We tasted as many fruits as we could and bought blueberries, strawberries, honey, and a few other treats to bring back to my place. Being at the farmer’s market made me really appreciate what farmer’s do. It’s not a community I think about often but farming isn’t just important agriculturally, it’s also a livelihood for so many people. I’m going to make an honest effort to make it out there when I can. And why not? Everything is fresh and it cuts out the middle man (grocery stores) so this community can continue to thrive and provide us with great produce. We ended our weekend with a trip to the Art Museum. I wish we could have walked the trail outside but the temperature kept us right inside that day :).


I was able to spend my first time at the pool this summer with my family :) Pool time and spending time on my balcony are two of my favorite things to do in the summer. In the Spring I had a serious carpenter bee problem on my balcony but they’ve since disappeared so I can finally enjoy it!


My last adventure in May was my trip to New Jersey for Memorial Day. This was by far the best Memorial Day I’ve had since I’ve moved so I’m glad I was able to go. I celebrated my sister-in-law’s brother AND sister graduating from Montclair State, spent time at the beach and downtown Montclair with friends and met my new baby nephew for the first time! There’s a lot about New Jersey that I miss and every time I visit there’s a tiny part of me that thinks it would be a good idea to move back. It’s certainly not unrealistic, but at this time in my life, Raleigh is where I need to be. That just means each trip to back is that much sweeter. My next trip is already planned for 4th of July weekend :)


My sweet angel nephew, Darien!


My friend Oli and I spent a few hours hanging out in Montclair, love her!


Memorial Day with Caroline and Christi :) We didn’t go alone but we were the only ones in front of the camera.