Marketing Materials | Which Company is Best?

Marketing materials are something every business needs. From business cards to note cards to mailing labels, we all need our materials to look beautiful and professional. One thing that is always hard to decide on is which company to get these materials from. There are a lot of places out there with great quality paper so you have a TON of options. If you are just starting your business you're probably on a small budget so you don't want to waste money ordering a large amount of materials and then come to find out that the quality isn't what you though it would be. Instead, order samples! A lot of paper companies offer sample packs so that you can get an idea of what your materials will look like. Because I'm re-branding, I'm looking for a company that will best represent my brand so I ordered these sample packs.

MOO: MOO definitely has the best quality paper  that I've seen so far. Their 16pt stock with the satin finish is exactly what I'm looking for for my business cards! They are nice and thick and they're notecards are a perfect size to write thank you notes! The only downside about MOO is the price. Their not drastically expensive but they are definitely on the higher end of the paper pricing scale so you'll need a decent budget to work with if you want their products. But like everything else, nice things are costly but it's worth it. Make sure that if you're going to invest in their products, that you have a brand that you love and not something disposable that you'll have to order all new materials for. 

Vista Print: I've ordered from Vista Print many times and their quality is great but it's not what I would get if I had the budget for something better. I will say that they offer more products like mugs, tote bags, mouse pads, etc. so if you're in a business that uses those type of products, you should definitely look into them. I would recommend Vista Print for anyone who's just starting out and looking for professional marketing materials on a smaller budget. 

ProDpi: I've never ordered anything from ProDpi because I didn't like the fact that I had to go through an extra step with ROES. However, the quality of their paper is nice. So if you don't mind going through the extra step of downloading ROES they might be a good option for you. I love Design Aglow and their marketing templates but they're recommended printing company is ProDpi. If you're looking to print a booklet or mini magazine with one of their templates and want an alternative to having to use ProDpi as your printer, check out MagCloud.

Now that you know a few companies that offer sample packs, here are a two things to think about when designing and ordering them.

Read the printing rules! I cannot stress this enough..READ. THE. RULES. If you're not working with a designer and you're putting together your designs for these materials yourself, you need to make sure that you are using the right color space. This means either creating your file in RGB or CMYK. Most professional grade printers use a CMYK color space but always double check. So again, read the rules and make sure you understand how you need to create your file before sending out your order.

Buy in bulk. MOO gives a great discount when ordering in bulk. I would only recommend this if you have a cohesive brand that you really love and you know you won't be re-branding anytime soon. If you are re-branding, don't buy in bulk. Yes you'll get a discount but you'll also end up throwing away materials and wasting your money.

Unfortunately, not every company offers sample packages so for those that don't you'll have to rely on the reviews. If it's a reputable company like WHCC or for studio marketing like canvases from CG Pro Prints, you'll likely end up with a great product. Ask other photographers who they've used and how their experience with them was. If it was good, consider trying it out! :) I hope this post was a little helpful for those looking for marketing materials. Go out there, order your samples and have a great Tuesday!!

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