March & April Goals Accomplished

And Taking A Photography Hiatus

This post is very late but I'm going to stick to my guns and post it anyway. In March I told myself that I would post monthly goals at the beginning of every month and if I accomplished those goals at the end of the month. you can see I'm a little late posting my accomplishments but I'm still going to post them. Not only that, I also wanted to share that I'll be taking a hiatus from photography for about a year. That being said, I'll be posting more personal things on the blog. I'll still be posting sessions or weddings if they come up but the majority of the posts will be lifestyle posts. I'm excited about this transition but I know I'll be even more excited about getting back into weddings in 2017! So,  here are my March and April 2016 accomplishments!

1. Prepare the client experience (Part 1) - I'm so happy I accomplished this goal! If you missed my sneak peek of it you can view it here! There are going to be quite a few parts to the client experience so I broke it up piece by piece. This way I'll be able to focus my attention on each piece and give my couples the best wedding experience I can. The first part I will be working on is my pricing guide. I chose this as part 1 because it's what I send to a bride who inquires about my services. I've actually already worked on it to where it's almost complete but I think it could use some small changes here and there to really make it special. I'll post a little preview of it when it's all finished!

2. Gain 20 Facebook fans and 20 Instagram followers - I accomplished this too! I haven't quite figured out what I did exactly to gain the followers on Facebook but for Instagram, hashtags were my best friend.

5. Work out for 30 minutes, two to four days a week - If you read the March blog post, you'll know exactly why this is on the list haha. Exercising is something I've been trying to do on a regular basis since the beginning of the year. I still don't think I need to lose a ton of weight but I do want to tone up and just be able to say that I'm in good health.

These goals aren't elaborate but a goal is a goal and a great stepping stone for creating purpose in everything that I do. Happy Monday everyone, and thanks for following along with me!  

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