Love Does

A Lesson From Bob Goff

During this next year off from shooting weddings, education is going to be key. Education of course comes in so many different forms whether its workshops, books, podcasts, videos, you name it. There is always a resource to learn from. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you see something that says "You're Business Should Be..." or "Do This To Succeed".  Sometimes it's easier to take a step back and read something for fun. This post is by no means a book review because this book has nothing to do with business or weddings or anything of that nature. The underlying theme is simply, just like the title, love does. However, that phrase has everything to do with what I want my business to be.

Love Does by Bob Goff is a book of funny and inspiring stories that have helped him time and time again throughout his life understand how to love people as Jesus loved others. I laughed so hard I cried from some of these stories so I highly recommend it if you need something to brighten your day! Not only that but I love reading books like these because they are simple reminders that love is much more than just an idea. It's something that we need to DO. In business, if we don't truly love our clients we won't be able to give them the best experiences possible. Let me pause - the word love is being tossed around a lot in this post so let me clarify what I mean. Think of a time someone did something above and beyond for you and you were shocked or just really thankful because you weren't expecting it. Got it? That was an act of love. So, in business, examples of this (if you're a wedding photographer) could be staying an extra half an hour at the wedding reception, sending a few prints after the engagement session, sending a thank you card, thanking the parents of the bride and groom (especially since they're probably the ones who paid for you to be there). Small things like that can show your clients how much you love them. I think anyone can be successful no matter their business as long as their hearts are firmly rooted in love. Having that foundation can spread like wild fire and your couples will thank you so much for it! Plus I think you'll just feel like a great person :)

This wasn't meant to be a long post at all. Just a short Friday read. This book is a couple of years old but if you're looking for inspiring and fun read over the weekend or over the summer to read by the pool, I encourage you to pick it up. Have a great weekend!!

If anyone has any books they'd like to share or recommendations for me to read, I'd love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below!

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