January Goals


Happy Tuesday friends! This is my first post on goals for the year! I spent the majority of the weekend trying to break down what I need to do to get the business back up and running. I'll be honest, it's tough to look at. Although I have a some framework in place from before for most things, there's a lot that needs improvement. "Systems" were on my mind a lot because I don't think I've ever REALLY had one. An editing system is what I thought about most. Because I probably won't have the income to outsource for a few years, I'll be doing all of the editing. If you're a photographer you know just how long this process can take. It's making sure you have organized back-ups on your external hard drive + maybe even in a cloud, culling, editing, etc. All of this can take a lot of unnecessary time if you don't have a system in place. And that's just ONE system. So, I'll be brainstorming a lot of systems this year :) This month I'll be focusing on some pretty light things that'll help me gear up for February! Here are January's goals:

Personal goals

  • Workout 3 days a week
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Stay on track with the weekly meal planner

Business goals

  • Research North Carolina business licenses
  • Re-evaluate pricing structure for both the wedding experience + albums
  • Continue posing education
  • Lightroom education - catalogs + back-ups

That's all for this month friends. I think in the past I've overwhelmed my self with the thought of getting everything done at once..and failed miserably. It's ok to go grow slow as long as everything fits well in the big picture. If you've made goals for this month share them below in the comments!