I'm Moving to Raleigh!

Image by Michael Tompsett

Image by Michael Tompsett

You guys, I'm moving to Raleigh in less than two weeks! I am beyond excited because I've been wanting to move for months and the timing never seemed to work. I have a full time job and the lease on my apartment isn't up until August. I knew that I didn't want to break the lease but I also knew that if I wanted to move before it ended, I needed to have a full time job established in Raleigh. I called several staffing agencies, applied to a ton of places on my own, and almost all of them told me that if I didn't already live in Raleigh, there wasn't anything they could do for me until I got there. You can see how this was incredibly frustrating because they were denying me exactly what I needed in order to make the move. 

Well, long story short, I've managed to save enough to cover the rest of my lease, quit my job, and move! Learn from me friends, get you a nice savings account. As I'm sure my parents will tell me, if I had saved better I could have moved a long time ago. Thanks in advance mom and dad. 

The reason I'm so excited to move is because it's where my brother and nephew are and soon to be my parents too. I've lived in Charlotte for 2 years and don't live close to the family that's here. At least not close enough to see them on a regular basis so it can be pretty lonely sometimes. Especially when you don't have any friends your age either. So I think moving will be good for me. I don't know how long I'll stay in Raleigh but it'll be a fun new start. There seem to be some pretty cool surrounding cities that I want to explore too like Cary, Durham, and Greensboro which is smack dab in between Charlotte and Raleigh.

I start packing this weekend and then head off on the first of July! I will have officially moved three times in the last two years so and don't plan to move again for at LEAST one year. The idea of moving is always exciting because it's like a new beginning. That is, until you realize you live on the third floor and will be getting quite a hefty workout walking them on moving day. It will all be worth it soon though!


XO, Jaclyn