IGNITE by SPARK | A Central Park Photography Workshop

A few weeks ago I saw a flyer on Facebook that said "IGNITE: A Little Spark For Your New Business: A Free Photography Workshop by NYC SPARK". I said "What. Is. This. I need to be there!" Fast forward to this past Sunday. I'm in Central Park with 20+ budding wedding and portrait photographers listening and learning everything there is to know about running a wedding photography business. This workshop was such an amazing experience and a blessing in disguise. I had recently been thinking about signing up for a workshop that would have set me back quite a ways. Then IGNITE comes along and totally blows my mind. A FREE workshop with professional wedding photographers who INVITED me to spend an afternoon with them so that I can better my business. Amy Rizzuto, Cassi Claire, Caroline Frost, Jaine Kershner and Mekina Saylor are beautiful both inside and out and I can't thank them enough for putting on this workshop. These women shared everything they know about publishing, marketing, posing, pricing and more!. Meeting and talking to so many people who aspire to be wedding photographers really was a lot of fun and I truly hope that we stay connected and help each other grow to be not only the small business owners we aspire to be but be a light to others around us like our clients and even newer photographers in the industry. I'm happy to say that there will be some changes coming to Jaclyn Auletta Photography soon and I can't wait to share them with you guys!! So one more BIG THANK YOU to all of the wonderful ladies at SPARK, you guys are the amazing! Happy Tuesday Everyone!