I Made It To Raleigh!

I made it to Raleigh! I'm a few days left in writing but if I'm being honest, I've been catching up on a lot of sleep! Working an 8-5 Monday through Friday, you don't realize how much sleep you're missing until you have a chance to actually relax. I've been taking mini naps everyday since I've been here and am really starting to feel refreshed. I'm so thankful! 

Other than that, I'm just settling in to this new space. Even though I'm staying at my parents, It's still a very new space for me. Especially because I've had my own space for the last two years. It'll take a little bit of adjusting but I'm happy I'm here. The one thing that I love already is sitting on the balcony and listening to music. Unfortunately its been like 98 degrees every day since I got here so that doesn't last too long haha. 

As I continue to look for a job, I'm soaking in every free moment I have to just relax. That includes taking pictures of the amazing sunsets like the one below.. Happy 4th of July friends!

XO, Jaclyn