How To Combine Multiple PDF's Into One Document

Using Your Mac

I may be late to the game but whether I'm early or late, I'm always excited when I learn something that will make a workflow flow better! That's where this posts comes in. Before I had InDesign I was trying to create spreads for my pricing and bridal guides in Photoshop. It worked fine except I had to export the spreads individually which was a problem because I wanted the guides to be PDFs. About the time my frustration was through the roof with figuring out just how to stitch the spreads from Photoshop together, I'd gotten InDesign so I didn't worry about it anymore. Until about a week ago. I was cleaning up documents on my computer and saw some individual spreads that I needed for another project from a while back. I didn't want to re-create them in InDesign so I looked up how to stitch them together and finally found the answer! And that's what I'll be sharing with you all today. It's so simple it really makes me wonder how in the world I couldn't figure it out before (it's literally 4 steps!). This information id for Mac users so if you use Windows be sure and look up what tools you need if you're looking to do the same thing. Here we go! 

Step 1: Open up the first PDF you want to combine in Preview

Step 2: In that Preview window, choose View - Thumbnails from the top menu bar. This will open up the Thumbnails panel.

Step 3: In your Finder, Select the PDFs you want to combine with the PDF in the Preview window and drag them into the Thumbnails panel in that Preview window. Arrange them accordingly and drag all of them up and into the first PDF. This will combine them into one document. 

Step 4: Save!

You now have a perfect PDF in 4 simple steps with no downloading of extra software. If you're stuck using Photoshop this is a great way to get the InDesign perk without having InDesign. I hope this was helpful for those of you creating guides - good luck!