How To Choose The Right Photographer For You

Wedding planning is such an exciting time for a bride. You're finally engaged to your best friend and love of your life and now you get to plan the one of the biggest celebrations of your life! There are so many vendors that are involved in a wedding so it can be a bit overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Well, today I'm sharing tips on how to choose the right photographer for you! 

A wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors on the wedding day. And I'm not just saying that because I am one. Yes, the details are fun to shoot but ultimately the photos should be about you and your husband becoming one and celebrating that with family and friends. Even though I'm not yet a bride myself, I already know the "how" and "why" for picking my vendors. So for all of you newly engaged out there now, here are a few tips on how to choose the right photographer for you!

- Make sure you connect with them on a personal level. I cannot stress this enough! I have heard so many stories about how awkward it was between a couple and a photographer because they didn't connect. I understand that not every couple cares about who their photographer is as long as they get the job done. Well, if you are one of these couples, I feel for you because youโ€™re missing out on what would be an experience! When you get to know your photographer on a personal level it makes the overall wedding experience that much better! Think about it. Who are you spending 90% of the day with besides your spouse? Your photographer! Being in front of a camera is not easy and unless you and your fiancรฉ are professional models (which is usually not the case) you're not going to be comfortable and it can be a bit awkward. That awkwardness is going to reflect in your photos and the last thing you want is to do is look nervous in your wedding photos. You should be relaxed on your wedding day. This is only achieved if you TRUST your photographer one a personal and professional level. This is why engagement sessions are SO important. But that's for Monday's post! :)

- You LOVE their style of work. If you don't absolutely love a photographer's style of work, you won't love your images. Narrow down the style that you really love and choose a photographer who's niche that is.  This means film, heavily edited, light and airy, etc. My editing style is light and airy but also crisp because I want my photos to pop!

- You want THEIR experience. Every photographer offers a different experience. They might all be called "The Wedding Experience" and include the same pieces that make up said experience but everyone's experience will be different because every photographer is different! Make sure your photographer offers you an experience that you are excited about. 

- Investment and Products. If you think you're dream photographer is out of your budget, take the time to really think about what vendors are the most important to you. Photography is one of the biggest investments that you'll make for the wedding day but SO worth it! And if you're going to invest, make sure they offer products you want. Photographers don't search for products as they're requested. We have set products that we offer. This usually includes albums, engagement books, prints, and/or canvas wraps. Some photographers even offer specialty products like H.H. Boogie boxes (which I love!) or similar gifting boxes. 

- Quality over Quantity. Not all photographers have had the opportunity to shoot as many wedding and engagements as others. This doesn't mean they're not a good photographer, it just means they need to adjust a few aspects of their business and maybe market a little better. This is my current situation. I have only had the opportunity to shoot two real weddings and one engagement session. My third wedding will be this August (yay!). That bride booked me because she saw my ONE engagement session and loved it and decided to reach out. If the quality of their work and the quality of the experience that they offer trumps the quantity of their work, don't be afraid to inquire with them. Read their blog, explore their website, and get to know them before making your final decision. 

Overall, do your research and have fun with it! Don't let the wedding planning process overwhelm you. If you need to take a break, take it. Get your fiancรฉ involved! Ask him about the style of photography he likes too. If both the bride and groom love the photographer as a person AND their work, you're in for an amazing wedding experience :) Happy Friday everyone!! I hope these tips help all you newly engaged couples out there! I'm off to finish packing for my VERY long trip to my new home tomorrow!