How To Add Related Posts to Your Squarespace Blog

I've been wanting to write Squarespace for a while now. I've written a handful of these in the past but never continued the series. I talk about Squarespace so much when people ask me about web design that I feel like I should be putting more information out there for beginners to help them build their sites into something beautiful and unique! So I'm officially continuing the series today and I'm really excited about it. For you readers who use Squarespace or have been thinking about using Squarespace, I hope this series serves you well! I'm no expert by any means but as I learn and grow with this platform, I'm happy to share my knowledge with all of you.

Today's tutorial is an easy and user friendly way to keep your audience reading all day long. I'm talking about related posts! I started using these on some of my posts last year and while I loved the idea. So, rather than bore or confuse the you guys, I'm doing this tutorial as a video! Trust me, you'll thank me! It's super easy to follow when I'm talking rather than following screenshots along with a bunch of paragraphs. So here it is! My first Squarespace series video tutorial! :) I hope to do more of these in the future when I post about Squarespace because it's a lot easier to follow along this way. Enjoy!

Comment below if you think these types of posts are helpful and I'll start brainstorming!