Happy New Year!


Happy New Year friends! It's crazy that it's officially 2018. I'm excited for the upcoming changes for this year. After being in Raleigh for 6 months, I've finally landed a permanent position. I've been working various temporary jobs since I moved here so I'm really excited and thankful that I'm able to kick off this year with a permanent job. I start tomorrow so wish me luck! I also took the time to go back through my blog a little bit since I haven't blogged in months. I said in my last "update post" that I'd be focusing on my finances and photography education this year and this is still true! I've written down goals that I'd like to accomplish this year but they're not yet categorized. I'm not sure how I want to categorize them but I think "by month" will be best. This way I can share them and keep track of them on the blog. I've done this before and it worked for a season but then I became sidetracked and it ended. I can't promise that my blog will be very exciting this year but I'm certainly going to try and stick with writing this year. At any rate, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I wish you all the best this coming year!