I'm a Showiteer! | From Squarespace to Showit

When I first started blogging I was looking for something easy to use looked professional. I didn't start out blogging about having a business I just started with random things that I shot. Flowers, friends, etc. Like most people I started out with Wordpress and then on to blogger. However, when I decided to start blogging for what would become a business, I had no idea what platform to use! Using Wordpress and Blogger didn't give me that professional look I wanted and even though it was free, I didn't think people would take me seriously if my website didn't look serious.

I almost gave up on looking through platforms and then I saw a commercial for Squarespace and I all I could say was YES. I want THAT to be my website. Yes there are some drawbacks to having Squarespace but it's a great site to start out with when you're just starting out and need a sleek platform to show your work on! Fast forward a year and Showit Fast is EVERYWHERE. Every photographer who's blog I'd ever been on was talking about and using Showit! I of course had to check them out and see if it was true. Turns out everyone was right, they are amazing! I knew I'd eventually have to switch over to another platform and a few months ago I decided to do just that! I'm SO excited to say I'm OFFICIALLY a Showiteer!! I'm proud to say that I designed the entire website myself from a completely blank canvas! No templates, no nothing. It's fairly simple but as I continue to work on it and add more work to it, I know it will reflect my work in the best way possible :)

They're are SO many benefits that I get from this site and I can't wait to use them. And not just for me but for my clients too! I really believe in giving my clients more than just a photo shoot and giving them a great experience with their wedding photographer. Having Showit as my platform is definitely going to help me do that :). I'll save those surprises for another post but for now, go on over to www.jaclynauletta.com and check out my brand new Showit website! The blog is still on Squarespace and on it's own domain! www.jaclynaulettablog.com. I hope you guys enjoy the new site as much as I do!