Five Ways I'm Creating My Own Blogging Niche

Last week I wrote a post about "creating your own niche", a phrase I first heard on the Elle and Company blog. In her post, Lauren wrote about five areas she focused on that helped her create her own niche. I turned those areas into questions for myself and today I'm answering them! I have to admit, these questions were pretty challenging but worth it. They really made me dig deeper into the topics I want to write about and how they will benefit my audience. I would encourage anyone who is having trouble blogging to do what I did and answer these questions honestly and really think about the "why" behind what you want to write about. Let's get started!

1. Find A Need - What can I offer that my audience needs? My passion is photography, hence, "Jaclyn Auletta Photography Blog", but I know that everyone who reads my blog is not a photographer. Instead of just writing about this passion, I have to consider what I can do to meet the needs of my readers. This includes brides, graphic designers, and young entrepreneurs. I'm a young woman so what I write and how I write would probably appeal to other young women. Not to say I don't encourage young men to read my blog but there are a lot of young women in the industry and even more specifically, young african american women who don't have a community to be apart of and don't know where to start when it comes to getting involved with the creative industry. If they are already a creative, great! We all need encouragement in pursuing our dreams. That being said, I could use this space to share tips and advice and learn out loud as I grow. This will be helpful for brides as well because the more I learn the more I can prepare and educate them about what's to come in their wedding experience!

2. Play To My Strengths - What skills do I excel at and how do I highlight them yet also integrate them with the needs of my readers? I think I'm pretty personable. Yes I'm a bit of an introvert but when it comes to business, I love talking about it and I love talking about wedding photography. Lauren said that some of her strengths started as interests and she learned that having a great interest in something is a strength in and of itself. I totally agree with that!  I have a lot of interests so right now brainstorming is my best bet for how to use these interests as strengths. 

3. Take A Unique Approach - How can I make my business one of a kind? The creative industry is saturated so it can be difficult to find a way to take a unique approach to things that have already been done. One thing in particular is the wedding experience. Many photographers have adopted the phrase and it's amazing to see how they are uniquely shaping it to fit what their clients need as well as fit the way they run their business. I believe this is one sure fire way to accomplish making my business one of a kind as well. I know that sounds like common sense but it's true. No matter how hard you try, you can never be anyone else and they can never be you.

4. Set High Goals - What are some BIG ideas I am too afraid to dream about?  Setting high goals is important because I think it builds character and originality. The more goals we set for ourselves and the higher they are gives us something to reach for. And when they're completed we can be proud of ourselves. I have aspirations of shooting weddings over seas, being published in a magazines, and being able to speak at and host workshops. The list could go on but my highest goal when it comes to being a wedding photographer is giving my clients an amazing experience on their wedding day.  I want to be able to walk away from every wedding feeling like I gave my best not just on that day but throughout the entire process which is why I will be working on every aspect of the experience piece by piece so that I can make sure it is the best that it can be. 

5. Stay Up To Date - How can I stay on top of trends, technology, and industry changes and still be creative and innovative with my ideas? This will probably be the hardest part. Creating my own niche will be an on going process because this industry constantly changes. The needs of my audience will change and I'll have to continually think of new and innovative ideas to set my business apart. Being open to change and adapting to new tools, like Showit 5 (so excited for this!), can make or break me so I have to stay on top of things.

Like I said before, creating my own niche is an on going process and will take time to shape up. As I continue to learn I have to be mindful of how to use the information to best fit me and my readers. I'm excited for these changes and hope you all follow along for the journey!

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