Five Essential Elements To Remember When Blogging With Squarespace


Blogging can be an essential piece of your business if you use it the right way. Blogging consistently can help boost your SEO too. So, if you're ready to start blogging with Squarespace, here are five essential things to remember!


1. Blog Post Title - Making sure you have a title is a given. To make it a good title, tell the reader exactly what they are about to read! This post is a prime example of that.

2. Categories + Tags - Don't forget to add your post to a category or add a tag. Categories are really helpful when you need to use summary blocks because the category will be what the summary block is pulling it's information from. Adding categories and tags also helps your audience find more of your blog posts through your search bar. 


3. Use A Thumbnail Image - Using images in your blog posts will help visually guide your audience. Think about it. Almost every link you come across on Facebook is an image that brings you to a blog post or an article. I use Photoshop to create my images but you can use anything! Canva is a good alternative to Photoshop, but be careful of the image quality when saving your work. Stock photos are a good alternative as well. Sites like Creative Market have TONS of stock images. They also have free goods every Monday - these can be a hit or miss with stock photos, but it doesn't hurt to check! If you do decide to get stock photos, remember to buy them in bundles. Most bundles are between $10 - $20 and come with a variety of different images. Rather than buying 10 separate photos for $5 each. Those things add up!

4. Post URL - The Post URL is what you see in your search engine bar when you go to a certain page on your site. For example, the URL for this post is The last part that is italicized can be changed to whatever you want it to say. Ideally, something that has to do with what the post is about. If you do not write something in the Post URL box, Squarespace will automatically generate one for you which will almost always be the title of your post. 

5. Excerpt - The excerpt is used to give your audience a glance at what your post is going to be about. This is an ideal tool to use especially if you opt out of using a thumbnail image. 


Extra Tips!

1. Add Related Links - If you didn't read my last Squaresapace post you can do that here! I explain in a video exactly how to do this! Adding related posts/links to the bottom of your blog posts are not only user friendly to your audience but also a good way to keep them reading your blog.

 2. Share your post on social media - I'll admit I forget this sometimes but it's so important! How do you expect people to read your blog if they don't know about it? So share, share, share!