February Snapshot, March Goals, and the March Snapshot


Happy Friday friends! The last two weeks have been a little bit of a whirlwind. I've been to Charlotte twice for three birthdays, family pictures, hanging with co-workers, and just having tons of fun! I decided to make this a combo post because throughout the month of February and beginning of March I was revamping my website so I never blogged the February Snapshot or March goals. So all of that will be wrapped into this post!

  • I had a few things on my list for February but decided to put them to the side so that I could complete my website and it turned out great! I explain a few key elements and ideas I had for the new site here
  • Continued posing education! I am SO happy I decided to invest in this education this year. I saw a HUGE difference in how I look at the composition of my photographs when I photographed my cousin and her family while I was in Charlotte. You can see some of my favorite images here. This went hand in hand with being more consistent with my editing style as well.
  • One of my new goals is to get out and see more of what Raleigh has to offer. There are quite a few spots in town that I still haven't been able to see. Since Spring is officially here I figured now would be the best time to get out and explore! One of my favorites so far is Lafayette Village. It looks like a little bit of Europe was dropped in the middle of the city! It's a great place to stroll on a Saturday afternoon and stop in one of the bakeries or gift shops and do a little shopping.
  • On a personal note, I'm trying to get back on track with fitness. I know I can't do anything crazy like totally give up sugar or bread (my two favorite things) but I can try alternatives like whole wheat bread and lessen the amount of processed sugars that I'm putting into my body. For example, I was craving pancakes the other day and decided to try the "two ingredient" pancake. If you've never heard of that, it's 2 eggs and a banana whipped together. When it hits the pan it fries like a pancake. Well, I made it, added some vanilla extract and a little bit of all spice for some extra flavor. Ya'll... it was terrible, haha! They were dense, thin, and flavorless. That was an experiment that I won't try again so I'll have to think of an alternative like eating whole wheat bagels instead of cinnamon raisin.
  • In April I'll be working on updating my pricing guide and creating a few other PDF's full of content that I can share with you guys via my new monthly newsletter! That will also be coming out in April and you can sign up via the link below!!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! For anyone who is starting their wedding season tomorrow, I can't wait to see those beautiful images!! :)


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