Engagement Books

Last week I spoke about my Premier Wedding Albums and I'm so happy everyone loved it! I can't wait to print another one! So today, I'm going to be sharing my engagement books with you. I got this idea from Katelyn James - Katelyn, you think of everything! I went to a wedding once where the couple blew up one of their favorite engagement photo to a 20x24 and left a white border around the image. I thought it was a great idea for people to sign around the border and give their best wishes to the new bride and groom. However, my one thought was "Where are they going to put that?" 

Queue Katelyn with her post about her engagement books. I loved the idea of having a coffee table book that doubled as an engagement book that the guests could sign at the wedding! It's small enough to be a coffee table book and large enough to show the engagement photos beautifully. I loved the idea so much that I decided to put it on my list of sample albums. After introducing it to one of my couples it was a hit! I love it and my couples love it so win win! Enjoy some shots from John and Jessica's engagement book!


Plenty of white space is left around the photos for signing at the reception!

Engagement Books NJ Wedding Photographer Jaclyn Auletta Photography-5.jpg