I'm Creating My Own Blogging Niche

And You Should Too!

"Finding your niche" is a phrase I hear a lot in the creative industry. It's understandable of course, because it's one of the greatest struggles for us. Blogging can be hard enough as it is, so focusing on a group of people to market to through blogging is even harder. I recently read a post on one of my favorite blogs, Elle & Company.  The post is called How To Create Your Own Niche. When I read the title I thought, she means How To FIND Your Own Niche right? Well, no. Let me explain. 

I'd never heard the phrase "creating your own niche" before but I LOVE it. Some of you might argue that it's the same as "finding your niche" but it's really not. To find something means that it already exists. Creating something means we bring it into existence. Blogging is one of those things that could be so much fun and even helpful to our readers if we let go of a lot of fear. I personally fear that I just don't have enough wedding photography related content to blog about. However, I have to remind myself that everyone who visits my blog is not a photographer or even a bride. Everyone has something valuable to offer their readers and I intend to not only figure out what that is for me but share it in a way that's unique to my brand.

According to Lauren, in order to create your own niche there are five things to think about: 

1. Find A Need - What can I offer that my audience needs? 

2. Play To My Strengths - What skills do I excel at and how do I highlight them yet also integrate them with the needs of my readers?

3. Take A Unique Approach - How can I make my business one of a kind?

4. Set High Goals - What are some BIG ideas I am too afraid to dream about?

5. Stay Up To Date - How can I stay on top of trends, technology, and industry changes and still be creative and innovative with my ideas?

That is a lot to think about but the answers to those questions will be invaluable to my business. That being said, if you have been on the fence about blogging, I encourage you to challenge yourself and answer these questions..and share them on your blog! I'll be sharing my answers next week so stay tuned!

If you've created a blogging niche I'd love to hear from you in the comments below. If not, let me know what's holding you back from blogging like you want to. You can read Lauren's blog post here: How To Create Your Own Niche

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