Artem & Katie | MARRIED

A Calvary Church Wedding, Charlotte NC

I knew that some day I would shoot a wedding that would embody everything I wanted my photography to stand for. Little did I know that it would be a wedding I would be second shooting and never even have met the couple before that day!  This was that wedding. From the moment I started capturing the first look I knew the day would be special. Everything after that was just a bonus :).  Not only was this wedding full of genuine joy for the couple but the bridal party, decor, venue, details..everything was beautiful. Just wait until you see Katie's bouquet, her mother is so talented! Artem and Katie are two of the nicest people I think I've ever met. In the brief hours I spent with them and their families, I got to see what genuine love for life and each other they have for one another. The love for God, family, and friends was an ongoing theme in this wedding and I couldn't be more happy to have been apart of it. Katie and Artem, you two have been through the motions, growing from best friends in youth group to having a long distance relationship to losing loved ones and have only grown closer together. Your friends and family have so much love for you and it couldn't have shown more on your wedding day. I wish you the best in this new season of your life! And of course I have to thank Julia of Amore Vita Photography for letting me shoot this amazing wedding with her - my first one in Charlotte! I can only hope all of the ones in the future are as good as this one! :)

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Derkachev!!

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