Bridal Shower Ideas & Inspiration

This should really be a "2015 Goals" post because I haven't blogged since December but I'm not going to do that today. Why? Well, to be honest I'm not yet sure of all of the goals I want for myself this year. I feel this this is going to be a great year for new beginnings in this business and in my personal life but i'm taking it one day at a time. So instead of a goals post I decided to do a bridal shower post! A lot more fun :). 

Lately I've been in this phase of 'event planning and styling'. Maybe it's because I just got done with a styled shoot that I'd been planning with some amazing vendors for about a month (I can't wait to show you guys!) I don't know what it is but to be honest, I'm kind of loving it! I've been watching house hunters and HGTV a lot lately too. I think I'm just in decorating mode. Either way, I've been thinking more and more about bridal showers and baby showers for some reason and it's really a lot of fun. Granted it would probably be a lot more if I was actually doing it but unfortunately I don't know anyone close to me who's having a bridal shower or baby shower anytime soon. So I figure, if I can't do it maybe one of you can :) Here are just a few ideas & inspiration I think would be great for a bridal shower - I'll do a baby shower post next week, enjoy! 

Themes: I haven't seen too many themed bridal showers, those are usually saved for the bachelorette party. However, that doesn't mean you can't have one! A fun summer theme would be great for a backyard bridal shower. Brunch can also be considered a theme which I LOVE. Have your girlfriends and family dress in something fun like a floral print dress or something for a spring day. You can have a brunch bar or just a table set up with croissants, drinks, fruits, and cheeses. 

Games: Every bridal shower should have games! I remember going to a bridal shower when I was really young and being wrapped in toilet paper to become a beautiful young bride..who's dress was made of toilet paper :) If toilet paper wrapping isn't your cup of tea, there's always bingo or even mad libs! Something Turquoise is a great blog for the DIY bride and bingo can be a super easy way to personalize your bridal shower and play a really fun game!

Favors: As a big 'thank you' to all of your friends and family who came and celebrated with you, you give favors. Homemade soap scrubs, monogrammed champagne flutes, nail polish - all of these are small but cute gifts you can give to your bridal shower guests!

For more inspiration and ideas for a bridal shower you may be hosting or having check out my Pinterest board here!

Happy Friday!