Brainstorming For 2018

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Thursday was Raleigh's first snow day! It only snowed about an inch, maybe less, but North Carolina tends to panic and shut down at any sign of snow. Therefore, I also had my first day off from work. I was sure I'd be back to work on Friday since it seemed like most of the snow melted but the state was under another winter weather advisory because wind chills would be between 0-5 DEGREES! Because of the low temperatures the roads were sure to have some black ice and that's the last thing you want to run into on the way to work. So, I was off Friday as well. I'll be honest, I pretty much stayed in my pajamas both days. There's nothing wrong with that right?

Since I had so much time off I decided to really sit down and brainstorm about how I want to tackle my goals in this year. There's probably 100 ways to do this but I really needed to think of something that's going to remind me to blog. So I came up with a few different ideas! I know I want to be able to look back on my blog at the end of the year and create a "2018 recap" post. For that I'll need to have done/accomplished SOMETHING. I have annual goals but in order to accomplish them I need to manage them in smaller pieces. 

At the beginning of every month I'll write a Monthly Goals post and list what I want to accomplish for that month. At the end of each month I'll write a Snapshot post. The snapshot post will list what I've accomplished and just overall of how that month went. I'm going to be writing personal and business/creative goals in the posts so each month will look different. I'm actually really excited about this idea! I'll kick off the January's goals tomorrow but first, here's the big picture list of what I'd like to accomplish for the year.

- Save money to buy a car

- Create a regular fitness routine + eat healthier by cooking more

- Blog 5 days a week by the end of the year

- Invest in photography education (I've already started this thanks to KJ All Access!)

- Get business back up and running

- Pay off all debt except for student loans

- Book clients for 2019 + 2020

- Strengthen my faith

- Read 12 books (this will equate to one book per month even if that's not when I actually read it :))

As you can see, I have a mix of goals for the year and I'm excited to tackle all of them. If you have goals for the year or even just one new year's resolution, comment below! I look forward to document this year's journey with you!

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