Back To The Basics

Getting Back Into Wedding Photography: My Thought Process + Overcoming Doubts

The picture above is from 2014. The reason I used it for this post is because, like the title says, I'm getting back to the basics - the basics of owning a wedding photography business. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know it's no secret that I have gone back and forth battling with the idea of whether or not I should continue trying to run a small business or to just give up all together. I turn 25 in less than one month and I basically feel like I'm going through a quarter life crisis. The reason I'm sharing this is because I know that I am not alone when it comes to others my age having these thoughts.

When this photo was taken three years ago I was about to start designing a new website on the Showit platform. I did just that and LOVED my site. If you would have asked me then where I would be in three years, I would have said, hopefully, a successful photographer. Well, here I am and pretty much no where near that. I ran an OK wedding photography business for about 3 years and I LOVED it. It was stressful at times but I loved learning everything about every aspect of running the business. Emails, spreadsheets, designing graphics, marketing, etc. I was just really happy that I was able to do what I loved. That came to a halt about 2 years ago. Since then I've second shot less than a hand full of weddings and while I loved that too, it wasn't consistent.

Many of you know that the reason I stopped photographing weddings is mostly due to financial issues (no car - trying to save for one, not enough of my own equipment - having to rent most of it, monthly bills, etc.) and I had a full time job. As of today my circumstances haven't changed much of how I would have liked them to and it can be really discouraging when I think about it. However, my friends and family have been really encouraging and I'm starting to find my creative niche again. 

The one thing that has helped me so far is creating goals for myself - not just for my blog and the business but also personally. Let's be honest, I'm 24 and I went to college. So like 80% of the rest of the country my age, I have student loans, credit cards, a cell phone, an apartment, and all the bills that come with that. That's an expensive life when you tack on photography, which we all know is NOT a cheap profession have. Personal financial goals will be my top priority for the rest of the year as well as for the entirety of 2018. Second to that will have everything to do with photography, blogging, and probably Squarespace. I wrote a post last year about creating my own blogging niche and I feel like I'm finding that all over again. Except this time, I'm going to stick with it.

All of these goals should help me launch a new..everything in 2019. It sounds like a long time from now but if you think about it, there are only 5 more months until the end of this year and then 2018 will be one year. It's a battle everyday but I know that wedding photography is something I love to do.  I am not in a rush to make something happen that I know takes time and I know that I need to start from scratch again. I'm tired of rushing because of what I think other photographers are thinking of me. In reality, they probably don't even notice that fact that I've stopped shooting and that's fine. I'm not looking for attention. I'm sharing this with my audience because I know that there are so many photographer's who are going through this (and others) and I'm here to tell them to TAKE THEIR TIME. If you don't take care of your self first, you nor your business will ever grow. If you constantly compare yourself to others in your industry, again, your business will never grow. So I'm done with that. This is Jaclyn's course and Jaclyn is going to take her sweet time growing personally, creating a wonderful photography experience for her future brides and grooms, and creating a space with this blog that serves as encouragement, knowledge, happiness, and truth to anyone who may need it. 

 Thank you to all of my friends and family who have encouraged me to continue this journey. Ya'll are the best :). I'm excited again for the future. I have a lot of knowledge already thanks to so many people in the industry and enough encouragement to start me on my way.