Apartment Decor & Inspiration

If you read my last post, you know I got my first apartment last week!! It's not furnished yet but will be over the next few months so today I'm sharing my decor and inspiration with you all today. Decorating hasn't ever really been something I could really excersize with a  big space but with my own apartment I can do whatever I want! My community is pretty lenient when it comes to decorating meaning I can paint and mount things on the walls which is a big plus considering my intentions were to do just that :) I don't really have color schemes per room yet but if I was to choose three words to describe what I want my home to be, I would say inviting, cozy, and organized. Because it's just a one bed, one bath, the living room and dining room would be the main spaces but of course I'll give you all a look at the bedroom and bathroom when thats all done too. We all knew Pinterest would have a role in this process so here are some of my favorite pins for ideas for my apartment! Enjoy!





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