A Good Decision

After thinking a lot more after writing my Thinking Out Loud post, I've made a decision. I'm sticking to wedding photography! So many thoughts have run through my head. Everything from my current doubts to my dreams of triumph. The bottom line is this: I have one life to live and I love photographing weddings so why not do it? I really want to build and run my own business and be able to give couples what they deserve for their wedding photography experience. It'll take time but I'm confident it will happen :) I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders just from making this decision and I'm really happy I did. I've already started a new pricing guide, bridal guide, album company decisions, spreadsheets galore and I'm loving it! For those of you that were so supportive when I announced I was taking a year (or more) off thank you so much for encouraging me to keep at it and not give up on my dreams and talents. Love you guys!!! Enjoy your weekend!