Vacation & A Graduate

Every year my family goes to North Carolina for the fourth of July or a bigger special occasion. This year we did both! There was A LOT of traveling but family is always worth it. So in June we went to Raleigh to visit my nephew & brother and then to Charlotte to see my family and to celebrate my cousin Jennifer's newest accomplishment. She just graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a Bachelor's degree in the Culinary Arts! She plans to open up a bed & breakfast in the future and maybe go into a little bit of catering before then. My favorite thing about this is that she's my age! I love that I have someone else in my family pursuing to be a small business owner at a young age like 21. We've talked about going into business together for YEARS and who knows, maybe it will happen after all! Only time will tell but we're both excited for what the future holds! : )

We just got back from the second trip on Saturday. This time we went to Raleigh first and saw 17 apartments in two and a half days. That's right folks I may be moving by the end of this year, MAYBE. It's a big decision that my parents have thought about for years but we want to be closer to my family. Not to mention we're tired of these Jersey winters! So after looking at 17 apartments and driving 4 hours to Charlotte because of bumper to bumper traffic, we finally made it. Exhausted and hungry but we made it. The next few days were full of fun, love, outings and then back to the airport and now were home. Phew, it been a whirl wind the past few weeks but I'm happy we made the trips. We only see everyone together once a year and moving down there will help with that a lot. So in honor of Jennifer graduating we of course had to do a mini session to show off her graduation-ness and I shot a few more pics of some of my family. Enjoy & Happy Monday!